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Here is where I put up-to-date information, just to demonstrate what is happening in the world of Hypnotherapy and how it is helping people.

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Emma Newman is part of the The Association For Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, they have the latest and most up to date information happening in the world of Solution Focused therapy. See here for further information or to find out what its all about...

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Celebrities Use



hundreds of famous people see the benefits that hypnosis have, from weight loss to stop smoking. from depression to anxiety celebrities are seeing the benefits and are getting better the easy way.

Weight Loss Hypnosis



Weight lost is easy to achieve with Hypnotherapy

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Tooth out Using Hypnosis

Dental Health

 8 May 2014

Woman has hypnosis to remove a tooth. Hypnotherapy can offer an alternative for people who are scared of needles, claiming it results in less blood loss, a lower rate of infection and a greater sense of control.

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Tamera X Factor gets Hypnotherapy To Help her Memory


07 DECEMBER 2013

Tamera Foster from the X Factor has Hypnotherapy to help her concentrate, focus and remember her words to songs as she struggles for a third week to remember her lines.

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Kate Middleton



Agoraphobia and Hypnosis



Chef too scared to leave the house after being called 'ugly' and 'retarded' due to rare neurological condition is finally cured of agoraphobia by hypnotherapy

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Stop Smoking

Brad Pit 
Quits Smoking with

 June 2014

Even Celebs give up smoking the easy way!


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Flying Fear Boy Jets Home by Hypnosis:


07 OCTOBER 2013

A young boy is trapped on holiday as he is to frightened to get on th aeroplane to come home so the fly a Hypnotherapist home to help him come home to his family.

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Oprah on Hypnotherapy

Celeb Watch

27 June 2013

Kate looked to Hypnotherapy when looking at her birth plan. Hyono-birth gives the Mum a controled, calm environment so that she is in less pain and can focus on giving birth to a healthy baby.


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Oprah Winfrey is a huge beliver in the powers of positivity and Hypnotherapy.


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Hypnotherapy & IBS


Hypnotherapy helps you Sleep NHS:


24 September 2013

Research shows that people who have stressful lifestyles may develop IBS. Hypnotherapy reduces stress levels demontrating how Hypnotherapy can help.


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The NHS looks as Hypnotherapy and the benefits it has on sleeping problems.


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Anxiety/Stress, Depression, Panic Attacks, OCD, IBS, Sleeping Problems, Anger, Phobias, Addictions, Confidence, Exam Nerves, Stop Smoking-  To Name Just a Few Areas