A Quick Overview of Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a special state of mind which happens when we allow ourselves to completely relax, because when we do this the conscious and subconscious mind come together in what we call a trance state. When we are in this special relaxed state the Hypnotherapist has access to your subconscious thoughts and this is where all your behaviours are stored. Using positive suggestion and focusing on what your goals and visions are, we are able to help change your behavioural patterns to how you would like them to be in the future. Emma Newman Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions can help you to take back control of your own mind and together we will achieve your hopes dreams and desires.




* Please note; Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand we have to work together to become more positive and visualise how you want to be. It will be easy if you let me help you.

What is Hypnotherapy?


When you learn how to drive you have to consciously think about what you are doing, i.e. make decisions; gears, mirrors, indicate. As you become more experienced you do all of these things naturally or what we call subconsciously. What Hypnotherapy does is move your conscious thoughts and behaviours into the subconscious mind so that it becomes an unconscious natural reaction.  If however your natural reaction is an unwanted behaviour, (for example, people with OCD continually having to check things, or a phobic response of jumping up and running away when you see a spider), by using Hypnotherapy we can change any unwanted behavioural responses to how you would like them to be.


As part of Hypnotherapy you are encouraged to think more positively this will be explained further in your sessions, but for now see below.

A brief explanation would be: positive thinking keeps our anxiety/stress levels down, so one of the main things I do is to help people to look at and realise the good things that are already in their life. As a result positivity becomes a natural reflex reaction in someone’s thoughts and as a result this shows in more positive thoughts and behaviour. Positive things happen to positive people and as a result they cope better with everyday life.


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Hypnotherapy has been used to help people for many many  years. People have questioned Hypnotherapy in the past as there was no hard or scientific evidence that it actually works, results were only shown and demonstrated by how a ‘client’ felt after hypnosis. As a result of the development of technology (MRI, PET and EEG scans) more is now being discovered on how Hypnotherapy works and what happens in the brain. Research is now providing evidence on how the brain works and how Hypnotherapy can help.

Please see my 'In The News' page for up-to-date information.


Evidence that it works?


According to the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) its is estimated that 85% of people will respond in a positive way to Hypnotherapy, some will respond better than others. The main thing for a client to remember is that if they believe it will help them and go to sessions with an open mind it is more likely that it will work for them.



You will NOT tell me your deepest & darkest secrets

I will NOT take over and control your mind

You  CANNOT get stuck in a hypnotic trance



Why be more Positive?


POSITIVITY - Keeps You focused.

Research shows that people who write down their needs  and goals or share them with others are more likely to achieve them.


POSITIVITY - Boosts your Self-Confidence.

When you really believe that something is possible, your subconscious is more aware and alert for relevant opportunities when they arrive.


POSITIVITY - Brings You Positive Experiences.

Demonstrating Positive behaviours automatically attracts other positive people and opportunities to you. Studies also suggest that people with lots of friends suffer less anxieties and depression. Positive things happen to positive people.


POSITIVITY -  Brings You Good Health. 

Research shows that thinking positively will mean you're less likely to suffer from stress. As a result this will have a positive influence on your health and well being. Stress may increase our levels of anxiety and may encourage unhealthy lifestyle behaviour such as smoking, excessive drinking and eating junk food. It may also suppress your immune system and increase your blood pressure, over time raising the risk of potential heart disease and ulcers. Some research even suggests that optimists live longer than pessimists.


P.S this is on my website twice because it is so very important to you and to Hypnotherapy








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